Why You Should Charter A Yacht?

Imagine sitting in a yacht with the sunlight dancing on your skin as the wind blows your hair backwards. Your siblings are playing monopoly on the deck and your mom and dad are holding onto one another and smiling as the sea sparkles around them. Then there is you looking at all of them and smiling as you sip your favourite drink. Everything is perfect.

Then it occurs to you.

You do not own a vessel. Your family is back home in a city far away from where you live and you are currently in an empty apartment staring at a computer screen reading an article that told you to imagine a day out on the sea. It probably feels terrible. After all how can you have that perfect day out on the sea?

Well I am here to tell you three steps to ensure you can have a perfect day out on the sea.

Step 1-Talk to your family

First get off the chair and take a call to your family members. This might be a bit awkward if you have not spoken to them in years but whether you have or not, make sure to give them a call. Check with them and see if they would like to go out to the sea and if they say yes then see when they are free. If they do not want to go, scrap the idea. There is no use doing step two and three. You can maybe plan a trip to a park but if they say yes then you are good to go. Once everyone agrees on a date; which seems easy but actually is the hardest part in planning the whole thing, you can check out step two.

Step 2- Plan your budget and charter a Yacht

It is important to know how much you can spend without declaring bankruptcy. Check out the cost in getting a Dubai yacht charter, and see if you and your family can afford it. There is no use chartering a high scale yacht if you are going to be worried about finances while sipping your drink on the deck. Charter a vessel that you and your family can afford. I specifically mentioned ‘you and your family’ because the trip is for everybody therefore everybody has to pay. Unless of course you earn millions per month then the least you can do is pay for the whole trip but if you are earning a couple of thousand dollars per month or lesser it is better that you discuss with your family and share the expenses.

Step 3- organize what you can do

There is no fun chartering a vessel and just looking at the sea for hours at end. There must be things you can do. If your family enjoys fishing, you could turn the whole thing into a Dubai fishing trip. If your family prefers to play games then take some games that you and your family can enjoy and play on a yacht. The latter is very important. Just because your family likes to play cards does not mean it is an appropriate game on a vessel. If you do not want to water board the kings and the queens and the rest of them, do not try to play cards on a yacht. You can play it inside if there is a cabin, however out on the deck while the vessel is sailing… I do not think it is a good idea.

One you have got all the organizing done, make the payments and go on the vessel. If you have planned it all out well, you would be guaranteed to enjoy your trip and the person I described in the beginning could well be you. So what are you waiting for?