Turning Your Cycling Skills Into A Career

Not everyone has to sit behind a desk and work in an office. Some people prefer working out in the fresh air. For those who feel they have no other skill except riding a bike, there are certain career paths open to you. Deliveries are at the top of that list. Here are some different delivery jobs that take pride of place:
Deliver Flowers and Food
In addition to messages and documents, bikes are also used in food and flower delivery in Dubai. This is especially so when the food being delivered has to get to its destination very quickly, such as when pizza or Chinese takeout has been ordered. While most shops will use a van to deliver flowers (thus protecting them from the dust and grime of the street) some will commission bikes to deliver bouquets and other arrangements that are needed in a hurry; if a groomsman is missing a boutonniere and need one in a hurry, the shop is not going to risk delaying the ceremony by sending it along in a delivery van that could get held down in traffic.
Delivering in a Paper Route
The domain of adolescent kids in most countries, delivering newspapers is also undertaken on top of a bike more often than not. This is mostly because a bike rider will be better able to deliver a set number of newspapers right to the doors of the readers than a lumbering vehicle which would require gas. A paper route is usually assigned to one biker and there will be several riders covering a region. It is the responsibility of the bike rider to deliver the newspapers on time and to all the subscribed houses along the route. Unlike flower arrangements, newspapers can take some rough handling so in many cases the delivery boys/girls will simply throw them onto the doorsteps of the readers.
Deliver a Message
Ever seen the movie Premium Rush? Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an entire generation of kids want to strap themselves onto a bike when he took on the role of Wiley the bike messenger, whose daring earns him the nickname of ‘coyote.’ Bike messengers are common in big metropolises where traffic is usually a hopeless snarl and bikes are the only things that can zip through. Many people hire bike messengers to hand deliver documents that cannot be posted as they have a high incidence of speedy deliveries. Being a bike messenger requires you to sign up with a messenger service and being fit and up-to-date on your riding skills. It also means riding in a responsible manner.