Starting A Grocery Store

Had enough of working in an office with people who do not appreciate you? If you are looking to start something on your own but do not seem to have any special skills as the internet says you need to have in order a start a business, why not think of starting a grocery store? This is a line of business which will never go without demand as long as people need to eat and drink. Also, as long as you live in a residential neighborhood where by law you are allowed to start a corner shop, why ever not. Even if you do not necessarily want to quit your job but your retired father is alone at home with nothing to occupy his time with, a small grocery store with the basic amenities is an ideal opportunity to make some money while enjoying and being occupied.
The initial investment
The only drawback with starting such a store is that you need a certain amount of initial capital to purchase products. Most companies allow a credit period in which to sell the goods and then to settle the bill to them. However, there is always the risk of not being able to meet the required demand. Thus, to stay afloat, you will need to have a small sum saved up. You will also need to build the infrastructure necessary to run a shop such as the shelves and cashiers and commercial refrigerators. These too are sometimes loaned by certain beverage companies as a sales and marketing technique. Thus, instead of purchasing these equipment, approach these companies for these equipment sponsorships.
Inventory Management
During the initial stages of the store, you will have very little products to worry about and thus, monitoring of stocks can be done manually, where sales are checked off against the opening and closing balances of stocks. However, as the store grows, consider setting up an RFID asset tracking system which is a coded system where each product is allocated a specific barcode and is automatically recorded as a sale and reduced from stocks at the point of sale.
The only item you will need to purchase is a barcode printer and a barcode reader and the software can be installed into the store at a rather cheap price.
Human Assistance
Especially if you install an rfid system, it can be run by a single person as very little assistance is required in managing a grocery store. For this form of store, to manage the stocks and the sales counter, hire a high school student as a part time employee or a family member to help out, rather than hiring actual employees. Thereby, reducing operational costs of the store.