Making Your Home Stand Out

Owning a beautiful and well put-together home is undoubtedly attractive to any individual hoping to purchase or renovate their own home. A home, while a place to provide shelter and accommodation, is essentially much more than these basic factors. It is an expression of the homeowner’s style and tastes, and is a sanctuary for any individual away from the grueling elements of the outside world. It is also the source of many a memory, especially for families. It provides a place for one to raise and rear a beautiful family and create an equally peaceful environment for nurturing young children.
Attractiveness in the re-sale market
Making one’s home a unique one is especially attractive for those who also consider thoroughly the re-value and re-sale popularity of the home. While it may make more sense to create a home with a very general character, so as to attract more buyers and interested parties, giving your home a few unique touches will help it stand out against other homes up for sale or rent, and make it more attractive beside the competition.
This may include fittings, roofing, furniture, even the overall structural design of the home.
Making your home unique
Your home can be given interesting touches to help it stand out. Structurally, a more open plan home would make any home, large or small, appear much larger than its actual size. It would also provide a cohesive flow from one room to the next, creating a large and airy space perfect for families, especially those of a larger size.
In terms of furniture, although the purchaser of a re-sale home is more likely to hire fit out contractors Dubai to complete their new home with furnishing, providing a few striking pieces within the purchase would also add to the attractiveness of the home, to a prospective buyer.
The permanent fixtures of the home, such as the kitchen cabinets and the ceilings, can be given attractive elements that add to the char of your home. High ceilings also help create the illusion of a larger space, and allows more light into the home, eliminating any feeling of stuffiness or crowding.
Kitchen fixtures, such as cabinets and appliances, can be done up in a way that it projects a cohesive concept that integrates with the rest of the home. These cabinets can be made to look unique by opting for an interesting colour, and appliances can be chosen in matching shades.
The floors of the home should be the same throughout to create a larger-looking space. The kitchen can however be given different flooring, perhaps tile, that would still complement the existing flooring of the rest of the house.