Fun Wedding Ideas To Make You Big Day Interesting

Do you want your wedding to stand out? Well here are some fun ideas to ensure your marriage ceremony will be unforgettable.

DIY your way through

The best way to have a unique marriage ceremony is to make things yourself! You can DIY anything and everything, such as the wedding favours, centre pieces and even the corporate flower arrangements. You can easily visit a wedding florist to get an idea and help on what sort of bouquet you’re going to make yourself or get help making. DIY is also a great way to save money and spend less all the while having tons of fun!


Everyone loves all things personalized, so the sure way to make your guests 100% satisfied with their experience at your marriage ceremony is to personalize things such as bridal favours, the marriage ceremony invitations or even the napkins! There are several places that cater to making custom made bridal supplies. Another way to personalize would be to add the newlywed’s names on the wedding candy that is given out!

Photo booth

Capturing moments at your marriage ceremony is crucial, so while you must hire an official photographer to get your official photos taken, why not add a photo booth together with props for all your guests to have a little fun? Not only do they create memories, they get to take a bit with them home!

A dance off

Dancing is crucial at a wedding to relieve all that stress you’ve been holding in, so once the couple and slow dancing is done with, a dance off would add more amusement to your marriage ceremony fun! Be it a traditional wedding or a beach wedding, dancing is something all the guests look forward to. Pick a host for the dance off, and get the teams ready. The ideal teams would be team bride and team groom. Allow your guests to kick their shoes off and show off their moves!

A comment book

Reading back on how your big day went few years down the road sounds nostalgic and bitter sweet. Having a comment book allowing your guests to write down what they felt and enjoyed the most would not only bring a smile to your face but would keep your wedding day memories fresh! Add a little twist by keeping crayons and coloring pencils allowing your guests to draw, write and get creative!


Having one or two activities at your wedding will boost the energy of all the guests. Pick an activity that is fun and involves the guests. By doing this you’ll be planning a marriage ceremony your guests are unlikely to forget soon.

These ideas will complete your bridal reception and will ensure your guests aren’t bored out of their minds. Not only are these ideas inexpensive, they’re bound to create a fun loving day.