Enjoying A “Stay “Cation Right Here At Home

On the one hand, there are the people who take off, backpack stuffed and hanging off their shoulders, at the drop of a hat, determined to conquer the next big adventure. That is their idea of a vacation. Then there are the people who feel that a vacation is served best when enjoyed at home, in the comfort of your own a/c and TV. Naturally, both ideas have merit and for those who prefer a “stay”-cation over a vacation, there are some things you can do to still make a move and make things a little more interesting and different while staying within your own city limits.
Live Somewhere Else
The whole point of having a vacation is to have a change of scenery but if you don’t like going too far from your familiar park palings then it might be a good idea to look into a short term rental. This way you can still be within the boundaries of the city and even neighbourhood (if you look hard enough) that you know and love but with enough of a different to rejuvenate your energy and titillate your senses. These apartments are usually serviced so you don’t have to worry about making a big mess, and this might be the perfect opportunity for you to throw that rager you always wanted to.
Be a Tourist in Your Own Home
Funnily enough it is very common to find that people who have lived their whole lives in a place are the ones who have seen the least of it. This is simply because they get into the habit of thinking, “Oh, that place is going to be here next month too, I’ll get to it” and end up never visiting. So if you have already made the sacrifice and trolled through Palm Jumeirah holiday apartments go a step further and become a tourist in your own city. Take the cliché guided tours, take the touristy photographs and maybe even buy a souvenir. You will be amazed at the amount of interesting factoids you have missed out while you “did” life in your own hometown.
Take a Break from Life
Announce to all and sundry that you are on vacation. Make sure you neglect to mention where you will be going unless you want someone to fact-check you later. Once you have used up your vacation days you may reveal that you were lounging at home all this time after all. The key to having a proper staycation is to disconnect from your everyday life. If you wake up at 6am every morning, then sleep late during the holidays. If you don’t like eating breakfast, skip it. if you want to lounge around in pyjamas the whole day, do it. In the end, your staycation wouldn’t be a proper break if it wasn’t actually that – a break.