Best Boyfriend Birthday Gifts

Finding the perfect present for your boyfriend is tough. Especially when you are hard pressed for time and is running a busy schedule at work. Also, if you have been together for a few years, I have noticed that it gets harder to find something new that he might like, since you have already purchased the things he likes best as well as the staple boyfriend gifts such as a wallet or a tie. Here are a list of things that he like for his birthday next year.

Something Useful

While it sounds a lot less romantic when compared with a message in a bottle, as the heading suggests, it is a lot more useful and compared to girls, guys tend to appreciate a gift they can use. It might be something grand like a fancy watch or something simple such as shoes for men Dubai.

A trimmer which has funky blades or cool iPhone 6s covers Dubai. Find out what your boyfriend needs the most and what of those is within your budget. Also, unlike a bottle full of confetti which will most likely rot in his cupboard, he will remember and think of you every time he uses his wallet, or trimmer or shoes. Also, these tend to last a lot longer and will keep you on his mind a lot longer than his birthday.

Customize Something Simple

When you are completely at a loss of what to buy or is hard pressed on budget, buy something small and cheap and customize it to suit your boyfriend and make him feel special. It may be a pair of cute boxer shorts, a set of handkerchiefs, a pair of cufflinks, a tie or even a pillowcase, stich his name on or engrave his initials to make it personalized. Not many out there have their initials on their boxes, so it will definitely make him feel special.

Cook up a Storm

What do boys like after cars and video games, and sometimes even more than girls; food! If you know your way around the kitchen, cook him a meal he will never forget. If you are not so great in the kitchen, buy a bucket of chicken, make some salad and mashed potatoes and rent a movie he loves to watch together. If you both like to play video games, rent a set of games and have a gaming night will all the junk food he will ever want. Rather than a spa appointment, your boyfriend would love to spend his birthday doing the things he loves with the person he loves.