4 Warning Signs That Your Child’s Teeth Are Not Healthy

1. He is Having Trouble Chewing

If you notice that your child is finding it painful and difficult to chew his food or move his jaws at all, you might need to consult a dentist about it.

Any experienced Arabic dentist in Dubai would be able to make a proper examination of your child’s teeth, gums and jaws to find the possible reasons for problems with chewing. It could be caused by one or more of a number of possible irregularities in your child’s mouth. So you need to consult a doctor to accurately know what the underlying causes are for his problems with chewing.

2. The Teeth are Misaligned and Appear Crowded

Upon examining your child’s teeth, you may observe that the teeth are not in a straight line and are rather crooked, and there are overlaps between some teeth, especially at the back of the jaw. These are indications that there are misalignments with your child’s teeth and that he may need corrective treatments such as dental braces in Dubai and retainers. You should speak to your doctor about this to find out if our child is too young to have braces now and if so when he can start wearing them. You may also need to find out what type of braces would fit your child most comfortably and ask for a quotation of the cost.

3. Teeth Seem to be Decaying

You might notice that your child’s teeth are starting to become discoloured and are losing the milky white colour they originally had, which is becoming replaced with a pale to dark yellowish colour. You may also find that the shape of the teeth is changing and the edges seem to be receding. This indicates the decaying of teeth and should be paid immediate attention. Consult a paediatric dentist to know what can be done about this condition and act fast before it is too late to save your child’s primary teeth. Refrain giving him too many sugary food and drinks and make sure to brush his teeth in the mornings and before he is put to sleep.

4. He Complains of Pain in His Teeth and/or Gums

Your kid might be one who is quick to complain about his aches and pains but this does not mean that you should ignore these howls of pain thinking he is just trying to get your attention, especially if the pain has arisen in his teeth and/or gums. The primary teeth are very important as they provide the structure and space for the permanent teeth that will come later on in your child’s life. Therefore it is very important that you are attentive of any problems he might be facing. Even when he does not directly complain about his toothache, observe your child to see if he shows sensitivity to hot and cold food and has difficulty chewing. You may be able to notice this if you see him wince when he opens his mouth to receive food, refuses food persistently when you feed him, hold his jaw while chewing and shows difficulty while swallowing.